MCS Made Easy is the UK’s premier support package for installers wanting to achieve MCS Certification.

Having spent many years writing and contributing towards the standards, we are the best placed to explain what the scheme requires and how you can achieve that in the most streamlined and effective way.

With our simple and “No nonsense” approach to compliance you can be sure that we will not make any mountains out of molehills and that we will help you at every step of your journey.

When you sign up you will receive the most up to date advice and documents required to get you through your certification in the quickest possible way.

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MCS Made Easy is the UK’s premier support package for installers wanting to achieve MCS Certification


The thing you should know about us:

Renewable Energy Experts

We are passionate about renewables, we don’t just talk about them we live and breathe them. Our offices are completely energy neutral, in fact over the year we generate 35% more energy than we need. Couple this with our unique industry position and you know we are the right partners for you.


We have an enviable reputation in the industry with the biggest names in the heating and hot water industry relying on us to support their installers you can be assured of the best service at all times.

Our Approach

As we have all had previous experience as installers, we believe that the industry needs to focus on supporting and providing opportunities for companies of all sizes. That’s where we focus our support to those companies who just want to get on with their job rather than being bogged down with paperwork.


Please note: When it comes to heat loss calculation tools, we recommend working with your chosen manufacturer